7amReport affiliate program (make N5k-N20k Daily)


Hello guys welcome to yet another interesting moment, believe me this one will blow up your mind.

You Need to read this post to the end else you will be missing alot.

I want to keep this post as short as possible, so no much hyping, but immediately you finish going through this info, take action immediately.

No even try delay oo, get in now as e the hot, LOL pardon my English one Naija.

My dashboard, all these within 5days

So lets begin….

Have it in mind that i have lined up cool bonuses for those that will register on this site with my link here https://bit.ly/34Vr9d8 which i will be mentioning in the conclusion part of this post.

What is 7amReport?

7amReport is an affiliate program, setup with a 3×8 matrix system. This is the best affiliate program i have seen recently online in Nigeria because of it’s generous compensation plan.

Also while i call this site the best is because of its enforcement to signup under a member. Without a members link you can’t register on the site.

Now this is an edge it has on other platforms where you come directly to the site register, upgrade and the money goes straight to the site owner (admins)

But here you must register under a member, so that all member’s benefit from this program.

How does the matrix works?

It’s a 3 x 8 matrix system, them means once you register, you are required to refer just 3 persons only join you and your 3 also do the same.

Someone now is like hmmm me i can’t refer oo how can i get 3 people to join me now.

Weather refer or not you must still get your 3 referrals. i earlier said above that a user must register with another users link.

But thats not all to it, there is what will call spillover, incase you dont know what spillover means here is it,

Spillover:  Refers to the ability to have new downlines placed under you by your upline/sponsor. You in turn have the ability to place downlines under your downline.

I hope you know understands it, once you register, you will have new people placed under you by the system automatically via spillover.

If you join using my link, you will enjoy unlimited downlines from me even your downlines too will enjoy this.

What are the earnings like?

Level 1: ₦1200

Level 2: 1,800

Level 3: 2,400

Level 4: 16,200

Level 5: 48,600

Level 6: 145,800

Level 7: 437,400

Level 8: 1,312,200

Once you finish level 8, you recycle back to level one and start afresh.

This is simply the best.

Keep Reading thats not all.

Are you good in writing unique articles?

if yes then this is for you.

7amReport pays N200 for each unique and irrelevant article of 300 words and above with a minimum of 25 articles from each user monthly.

This means You will be earning extra N5000 naira monthly from writing only.

The last one.

You are paid N5 for each post you view on the site with a maximum of 50 post daily. Thats N7500 monthly for viewing just post on the site only.

Though Writing articles and Post views are totally optional, its just an addon to see members earn extra income.

So friends Thats how to earn on 7amReport.

How much is minimum withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal for affiliate is N1000 and its Daily payment.

While minimum withdrawal of writing and views (MORS) is N5000 and its monthly payment.

How to Register?

This is the part where you have to take serious. First click on this link https://bit.ly/34Vr9d8

Then scroll down to the ending part of the post and click on register. It will take you to this page.

Click on register and proceed to the next page.

Step2: Fill in your correct details. Incase you see a filed where to enter sponsor name, write joetee there. If you used my referral link you wont see the filled.


After filling in all your details, choose your payment method. You can pay online via paystack or your can do a direct bank transfer for manual activation.

I recommend you pay online so that your account will be activated instantly.

But if you can’t pay online, please use the bank transfer option and register, then contact admin via whatsapp on 08177817736 to activate your account. (please confirm this number on their contact page on the site to be sure).

Once you make payment to them your account will be activated instantly and you are good to go.

Thats all on 7amReport.

My Bonuses.

Like i mentioned earlier on my post, my bonuses will only go to my downlines only.what are they?

Unlimited downlines for you and your referrals

And 247 support from me. via whatsapp. chat me up on 08168250485.

If you join using my link i will make sure you make your first withdrawal within maximum of 5days if you are not good in referral.


7amReport is far the best affiliate program in Nigeria at the moment with its daily payment process and the enforcement of user to user registration, you can make an average of N50k every month and if you put in little effort you could be earning over N100k monthly.

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