Family In Deep Shock As 52-year-old Man Starts Crying Bloody Tears Spontaneously

The 52-year-old man’s eyes would begin bleeding spontaneously, which might final for a couple of minutes at at time

A person was left horrified when he began spontaneously crying bloody tears.


The 52-year-old went to A&E the place he advised medical doctors it had by no means occurred earlier than – and he hadn’t suffered any trauma to the realm.


He defined that the bleeding occurred two hours earlier and had lasted a couple of minutes, however then it began once more simply earlier than the examination.


His imaginative and prescient had additionally been fully effective, and his blood strain was regular too, in line with an article revealed by the New England Medical Journal.

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Docs carried out a slit-lamp examination and found he had a progress of small tangled blood vessels within the insides of each of his eyelids.


Uncommon situation


They identified the person, believed to be from Italy, as affected by a uncommon situation generally known as hemolacria.


Also referred to as “bloody tears”, it is often a symptom of one other situation akin to an infection, irritation or trauma to the attention or surrounding constructions.


But it surely is also an indication of eye tumours, blood issues, or in some circumstances, menstruation.

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For some there isn’t a identifiable medical clarification, and in consequence it might be deemed a spontaneous symptom that often resolves in time, in line with Healthline.


On this case, the person’s bloody tears stopped with out remedy round an hour after he arrived on the hospital.


He was given eye drops to deal with the eyelid haemangiomas and at a follow-up appointment a yr later, he advised medical doctors he had no additional episodes of bloody tears.


Though the situation is innocent typically, anybody who experiences blood of their tears is really useful to see a physician.



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  1. a man who cry blood is from another realm we should listen to him I think

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  4. this is horror. ….i have never heard if it before….

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