What is peervally membership?

Answer: Peervally Membership, a membership system design for people who wants to make money online browsing through the internet, Peervally membership system starts earning you money immediately you register and become a member. You can participate in this program working from home.

Who are verified and eligible peervally members?

Answer: Verified and eligible peervally members are those who register and upgrades their accounts to to our premium membership pack with the sum of 1500.

What are are Points?

Answer: Points are the reward you get for carrying our activities on peervally, like viewing post, sharing post, etc. And when you get the required points, there are converted to money and transferred to your wallet so you can withdraw it to your bank account or papal. You can not withdraw points, you can only request to be transferred to your wallet. You can only make this request as from 20th to 30th of every month.

What is Wallet?

Answer: wallet is were all the money you make on peervally are sent to, you can only withdraw money available in your wallet to your bank account or Paypal.

What is the conversation rate of points to naira?

Answer: 2points is equal to 1. E.g if you have 10,000 points that is 5000.

What is Affiliate earnings or referral bonus?

Answer: Affiliate earnings or referral bonus are the money you make through referring paid members, once you refer any one with your link or username and he or she purchases our premium membership pack of 1500, you earn 1000 referral bonus from that purchase.

How can i make payment?

Answer: After registration, you can make payment  and also add funds to your wallet using your master card, visa card, verve card. You can also contact us on whatsapp to for bank transfer, so we can credit your wallet for upgrades and purchases.

How do i request for payment (withdrawal) and when?

Answer: Payout are made everyday, once you have upto 2500 in your wallet, you can request for withdrawal, and it takes 5mins to 24hours for it to reflect in your account.

Note you must have at least 2500 in your wallet before you can request withdrawal.

Before you reequst transfer of points to wallet, make sure your points are upto 10,000 and above.

You can request for points to be transferred to your wallet on the 20th to 30th of every month, once its 1st  to 19th you can’t request points to be transferred to wallet.

You can request referral bonus to be transferred to wallet daily. If you referred 3 people and they paid that day, you can request it to be transferred to wallet and still request withdrawal that same day or anyday you want.

How can I refer people and earn referral bonus?

Answer: Once you are a premium member, you will be given your referral link which is located at your dashboard, click on referral link on your dashboard, then copy your referral link and send to friends, family etc, any one that registers through it and upgrade his or her account, you will earn ₦1000.

Must I refer people before I get paid?

Answer: No

I referred some one and my account was not credited.

Answer: In this case this is because the person you referred did not use your link to register or did not use your username when making payment.

If this occurs, your account won’t be credit, make sure your prospect uses your link to register or uses your username when making payment. Some people will bypass your referral link and go straight to the site to register, you can shorten your referral link with bitly.com.

How can I get my referral link?

Answer: Login to your dashboard, and click on referral link.

Can free members earn and withdraw?

Answer: Free members can not earn nor withdraw, you are required to upgrade your account to our premium membership plan.

Can someone outside Nigeria join peervally membership?

Answer: Yes, though our main focus is Nigeria and most of our news contents are Nigerian base contents. Any one that can pay for upgrade outside Nigerian and can cashout in Nigeria or paypal is highly welcome.

For more info, contact us via our contact page.