How Have We Fallen – From Grace To Greed To War

There might be one other struggle! This time the Hausa farmers might be liberated from the clenched fists of the minority Fulani Ragu “developers” and they are going to be pushed again by all provoked Nigerians to the place Dan Fodio got here from. They’ve been put of their place in Niger, Chad and Ghana. However Fulani have a bonus in Nigeria because the Hausa majority have been subjugated by faith. With out indoctrination of Hausa with non secular opium, Fulani minority are powerless. Since historic Mali, Dogon have subdued Fulani pastoral herdsmen infiltrating into their farms.

Fulani Ragu Authorities builders in contrast to different international locations in desertification, is utilizing faith as ethnicity to seize extra land by share greed. Greed is the motive of any group furrowing into others’ land. We should face the problem of greed behind ethnic clashes in Africa. It has extra to do with greed to energy for political dominance by land grabbers. So, they battle inside international locations whereas the leaders and their cronies feed on the spoil of struggle as most of us get poorer.

Ragu “developers” by no means be taught from the destruction of the previous, this time they’re again once more threatening and scary the entire Nation with herdsmen. Everyone knows these herdsmen couldn’t afford to purchase AK-41 weapons to direct their cows. They don’t even personal the cows, the rich Hausa/Fulani wannabe personal the cows and equipped them with weapons and ammunition. They’ve extra land however rear cows all around the Nation destroying farmlands and kidnapping.

Highly effective leaders behind these mayhems in opposition to Center Belt and Southerners are sponsored by Hausa/Fulani Ruga “developers”. Every time the Fulani lose their head by monopolizing safety energy with a view to achieve land and keys to the treasury, they create Boko Haram or Maitatmasine. They swear to overwhelm the South as if they’ve monopoly to arms and ammunition available to keen patrons on the world market. So, Dogon taught pastoral Fulani classes in Mali.

Defend your self is a sign from their outdated repented Center Belt and Southern enablers, which means a phrase is sufficient for the smart. The Center Belt and the South should be prepared for a struggle by RUGA builders to liberate our fellow Hausa Nigerians from the subjugation of the Fulani/Hausa half breed leaders. You can’t be Hausa/Fulani. You’re both Fulani or Hausa, the selection is yours however the Northern land belong to the Hausa and the minorities therein, not Fulani.

Muhamadu Buhari, the present President has extra Hausa blood in him than Fulani however would die for Fulani dynasty over his Hausa heritage. The non secular opium is so highly effective it impacts the Hausa within the North in addition to the Christian converts within the South. When an Hausa man have a look at his fellow Hausa or a Christian and swear that they’re Kaferi that deserve demise, overseas non secular opium is at work.

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Earlier than Boko Haram tried homicide of Buhari in Kaduna, after he defended them, Ciroma brazenly mentioned they might make Nigeria ungovernable and Maitatsine went wild. None have been known as to order or invited by DSS till they turned in opposition to Northerners. Buhari, no prayers can remedy this. All Nigerians are usually not Hausa conquered by Fulani with prayers. You’re scary struggle!

  1. these similar Hausa/Fulani that by no means realized from Maitatsine and Boko Haram are at it once more! They’re going to find yourself destroying themselves too as they did prior to now. Nonetheless, this new menacing herdsmen terrorizing the entire Nation would lose with their leaders’ head. Buhari didn’t be taught from Kaduna try. It is not going to be restricted to mayhem in opposition to Southerners alone. There may be alarm all through the South that their land is at stake and they won’t roll over.

Poverty is extremely concentrated inside the Hausa talikawa utilized by elite Fulani to seize others land for Ruga “development”. Based on Oxfam Nigeria, 5 of Nigeria’s richest males have a mixed wealth of US$29.9 billion – greater than the nation’s complete nationwide price range for 2017. Nonetheless, about 60 p.c of its residents dwell on lower than US$1.25 a day, the edge for absolute poverty. Paradoxically, poverty inhabitants is rising particularly wherever Fulani rule.

Biafra went to struggle unprepared daring majority of fellow Nigerians. Fulani scary struggle to the purpose of no return, are making the identical mistake. However they aren’t in any place to defeat the remainder of Nigeria. They lack the unity Nigeria had in opposition to Biafra. If Nigerian Military can’t defeat Boko Haram and Niger Delta rebels outright, Fulani/Hausa might be silly to tackle the remainder of

Nigerians. You need to be energy drunk to impress and unite the remainder of Nigerians in opposition to you.

RUGA will not be their objective, in any other case create Rural Grazing Areas for every State to be run for and by their indigenes. Their ambition is to overcome the entire of Nigeria for the Fulani in each African nation. They have already got a lot of the land in Nigeria. If they’re actually critical about ranch, Sambisa Forest is there for them to develop. Why dangle Delta oil revenue as “developer” within the South, once they might make investments the identical Southern revenue in opposition to desertification within the North?

If Nigeria might import grass from Niger Republic, they will develop grass for his or her ranches proper there within the North. Every time Fulani minorities are in bother in Nigeria, they depend on their kinsmen from different international locations. Even Buhari, the President made the identical declare about Fulani outdoors the Nation coming into to destroy farmland as in the event that they weren’t punished for that in Mali. It was once the Libyan rebels dislocating Nigeria at one level, now it’s overseas Fulani!

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It’s about time Hausa awakened and realized the slumber faith had put them and their land by over time. The South should assist them reclaim their Dynasty from the illegitimate one drop Fulani/Hausa leaders. They have to notice they aren’t the youngsters of their fathers in the event that they declare extra Fulani blood than Hausa blood. If you wish to be freed from Fulani, free the Hausa.

Hausa are usually not the issues in Nigeria, it’s the Fulani indoctrination that bestow conquered Hausa the Fulani standing in the event that they wish to climb as much as be their elitist ladders. So, for each Hausa that desires to prosper or lead he should assume Fulani blood in him; since they misplaced their Dynasty to Usman Dan Fodio. With a view to be a profitable chief as a Muslim, within the army or politics; Fulani relationship is a should by tulasi. Declare faux, none, one or two drops of Fulani blood.

The truth that each Miyetti Allah (sey na solely Allah?) Cattle Breeders and Gharba Shehu had the audacity to contradict Osinbajo the Vice President is sufficient to expose Fulani chicanery. Most international locations have ethnic issues from the outdated Czechoslovakia to Yugoslavia. So have been the Saxon, Irish, Welsh and Scott. The issues in Nigeria stem from particular person greed not ethnicity as extensively believed. In any case, the smallest Fulani ethnic group that overthrew the Hausa Dynasty leaves a lot of the North in poverty worse than the South. Allow them to attempt that in Mali.

The identical non secular drug that has been used to dispossess Hausa within the North has labored by utilizing Christianity to create poverty within the South. Whereas the Fulani raped and nook the riches, they’ve included Southern Christian leaders within the looting of their wretched nation. So, in relation to the distribution of oil wealth, the Hausa and Fulani leaders dominate whereas their Southern leaders support and abet them.

Pity Nigeria, the large of Africa, the richest nation in Africa with potential regional would possibly that supported many different black international locations from Africa to Caribbean: has fallen! A rustic that’s now despised by these it lent a serving to hand. This has nothing to do with outsiders however empty satisfaction, ostentatious haughtiness show of avarice and greed by a number of that contaminated a complete inhabitants plugging majority into capital poverty of the world.

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