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PeerVally Membership

Welcome to Peervally Membership, a membership system design for people who wants to make money online browsing through the internet, Peervally membership system starts earning you money immediately you register and become a member. You can participate in this program working from home.

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If you are yet to start making money online, this is your first step to start making money online in two (2) simple ways. All you need is just an internet enabled mobile phone or computer and start earning for Free without paying a dime using our free membership plan. how to make money online viewing post

The two (2) ways of earning on PeerVally Membership are:-

  1. PeerVally Activities: This is the most simplest of all, you are required to carry out little activities on PeerVally Website like
  • Viewing Post Content
  • Sharing contents to social media’s and earn per each click generated.

This is the simplest method you can make money currently on the internet, I bet you will like this.

  1. PeerVally Affiliate program: Here you earn ₦500, ₦1000, of your referral upgrade. Here whenever you introduce Peervally to anyone and He or She registers through your link or uses your username and upgrade to premium membership, you earn ₦500, ₦1000, for that affiliate depending on which plan he or she upgrades to. This has no limit, the more you refer the more ₦500, ₦1000, you will be making. And you can withdraw it to your bank account any day you want. (Referral is totally optional.

Peervally membership system is open to everyone who wants to start making money online.


As a member of PeerVally Publishers, there are many ways in which you can earn on peervally membership system.

  1. Affiliate commission (₦500, ₦1000,) referral bonus. Depends on the membership type.
  2. PeerVally Activities: Carryout little activities on peervally daily and earn Points which will be converted to cash and sent to your wallet for instant withdrawal.
  • (Post Views) 2 Points per view 300 post limit per-day
  • Sharing of post to facebook and other social medias, 5 points per share. Limit per-day, 20 shares.
  • Daily login 50 points + ₦10 straight to wallet.
  • comments 2points per comment limit per day is 20 post.
  • Registration bonus, 500 points.
  • sponsored post 100 points.

We have made activities so simple for members to earn without stress, which can be done within 1hr to 2hrs at most viewing contents on peervally, share as many post to facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc and earn for any post clicked by any one.

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Note: any point you gain on peervally is worth it, we have made the best opportunity in town to help members earn without stress, peervally don’t award earning too much like other sites which they can’t pay members at the end, on peervally all points generated are paid in full once you hit the withdrawal limit for points.


PeerVally Uses a Wallet system, all referral bonus and points made on peervally membership are transferred to your wallet for withdrawal or Purchases.

  1. Wallet funds can be withdrawn to bank account daily.
  2. Wallet funds can be sent to another member.
  3. Wallet funds can be used for upgrade.
  4. Wallet funds can be used for adverts Placement.
  5. Points can be used for adverts Placement on peervally.
  6. As a blogger, you can also promote your post and products to our large audience Via our forum. (post without restrictions).


To get started on peervally membership system, all you need to do is visit and register your free account now. Next you will need to upgrade your account to any of our membership plans listed below.

Note: These membership plans has different points rate for sending to wallet, different withdrawal rates and different affiliate commission (referral bonus). You can click on the Membership plan above to check them out.

After which you can have access to our full contents/services of the site and start earning. A free member too can earn and get paid. Details are available in free user dashboard.


The minimum Payout is ₦2,500, with or without referral (terms and conditions applied).

Points can be transfer to wallet between 25th and 30th of every month, while you can transfer your unpaid referral earnings to your wallet daily and you can request for withdrawal daily once you have up to ₦2,500 in your wallet. (only funds in our wallet can be withdrawn to bank account).

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