How to earn on peervally

A brief explanation on how Peervally earning system works.

1: (Post Views) 2 Points per view 300 post limit per-day. This is quite simple and our main focus on this platform, all you are required is to view as many post as you can and earn unlimited 3points per view. We publish over 500 post daily, if you can view just 200 daily then that’s 600 points.

2: Sharing of post, 5 points per share. Limit per-day, 20 shares. For each post you share, you earn 5points, I suggest you share only eye catching post that will generate you clicks. you can share to facebook, whatapp, telegram etc. and share buttons are located at the bottom of each post.

3: Comments 2points per comment, limit per day is 20 post or 20 comments.

4: Referring affiliate, you earn N500 for referring premium members and , N1000 for referring Gold members, this method is totally optional and only available for premium, Gold and Diamond members, (you can make over 10k daily with the method).

5: Daily login, 50 points per-day + N10 to wallet.

6: registration bonus 500 points.

7: Sponsored post, 100 points per sponsored post you share.


For you to be able to withdraw your earnings, you need to first of all transfer your points to wallet, then wait for your points to be deducted and your wallet credited, then you can make withdrawal.

  1. Free members: minimum transfer to wallet is 18,000 points
  2. premium members: minimum transfer to wallet is 12,000 points
  3. Gold members: minimum transfer to wallet is 10,000 points
  4. Diamond members: minimum transfer to wallet is 7,000 points.

All you need to do is login to your peervally account, in your dashboard, click on transfer and fill in the form, Wait for a confirmation mail of a successful transaction. Note: you can make the points transfer just once a month, which starts from 25th to 30th of every month and you must have upto 10,000 points before you can request for it to transfer to wallet.


1. 10,000 points and above also good as 5000

Conversation rate is 2points is 1


Login to your peervally account, in your dashboard, click on withdrawal, fill in your details and submit, with for 5mins your account will be credited. Note you can only withdraw funds in your wallet, withdrawal is made daily with a minimum wallet balance of N2500.

Those are the methods you can earn with on Peervally.

To See more question and answers about peervally, please click here or read the Faqs page.

you can drop a comment below if you have a question on this.

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  1. eniola akinbode

    ok nice one . I cant wait to start earning on it oo

  2. God bless you for the news
    God bless you for the news

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    OK thanks let me try and see and work hard