How To Upgrade Account On NGpublish

Hi guys, you are welcome to yet another post, on this post i will be showing you how to upgrade your NGpublish account.

Previously i made a review on NGpublish.

So make sure you read this post carefully so you dont make mistakes. As a matter of fact upgrading an account on NGpublish is very simple.

There have three (3) different payment methods on NGpublish:-

  • E-pin
  • Rave online payment
  • PayPal online payment

These are the three (3) payment gateways on NGpublish. so which ever which one you want to use it will work just well. But i recommend using E-pin for upgrade because its more faster and easy.

So lets begin…

Setp1: Login to your dashboard. if you have not yet registered an account on NGpublish Click Here to register.

Step2: You need to purchase and E-pin from any of the vendors on the site HERE. I also sell E-pins you can get it from me too. Confirm my name on the site No4 on the list. chat me up on whatsapp, 08168250485

Step3: Now that you have purchase your E-pin, login to your dashboard and click on Upgrade.

Step4: On this page, click on the first option if you are a Nigerian but for those outside Nigeria, click on the second option, if you are upgrading to a pro membership, click on the third option.

so we are going with the first option: Regular Membership Plan (Nigeria only) (₦1500) + 10000 free added points.

Click on it and proceed to the next page.

Step5: On this page click on UPGRADE and then proceed to the next page:

Step6: This is the final step, here all you need to to is copy and paste your E-Pin and apply it. Once you apply the e-pin and apply it, the total amount will be deducted from $4 to $0.00.

Paste your E-pin and then Click on the black arrow next to it to apply the coupon.

Once e-pin code has been applied successfully,  scroll down and complete the fields below.

If you see a space for adding referrer, this means you did not register using any referral link, in that filed, you can input the username of the person who referred you or leave it blank. You may use mine too joetee lol.

Scroll down, accept terms and conditions (check the box)  and then click on Place Order.

And your account will be upgraded automatically to Regular membership.  You can now go back to your dashboard and confirm it.

And this is how to upgrade your account on NGpublish, you can use this method to upgrade any membership Plan on NGpublish. I will also be making another post on how to upgrade your account with Rave Online payment and PayPal in my next post.

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You can always reach me on whatsapp on 08168250485 for help.

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