NGpublish Review, Scam Or Legit..

How to money online to your bank / PayPal account with NGpublish Media..

How i made 72,000 in my first month with NGpublish

Hey guys you are welcome to my NGpublish review.

Today is another great day for those who want to make money online into their Nigeria banks with NGpublish, so read the post and act immediately..

On this post I will be writing on what NGpublish is all about and how you can Make Money online into your Nigeria banks with NGpublish.

So let’s begin on what NGpublish, is all about

What Is NGpublish All About?

Note: That am not here to bore you with many stories, but all I can say is that as soon as you finish reading this post act immediately and I bet you, you will thank me latter!. NO much hyping.

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Now let me share with you what NGpublish is all about.

NGpublish Review, what is it all about?

I will try to make my post as simple and short

NGpublish is a brand you site launched in June 2019 by NGpublish Media Team.

NGpulish pays it users/members with affiliate commissions, activities earnings/bonuses. Below are benefits joining NGpublish

Benefites joining NGpublish Media

Affiliate commission: As a member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration and you will be earning a huge commission of $3 N900 per referral on anyone who joins through your referral link or username.

Affiliate commission: NGpublish uses a matrix system of 2×10.

This means every one is to have just 2 direct referrals under him or her, the next will spillover to your downline.

  1. Level 1: = ₦1000
  2. Level 2: = ₦1600
  3. Level 3: = ₦2000
  4. Level 4: = ₦4500
  5. Level 5: = ₦9000
  6. Level 6: = ₦18,000
  7. Level 7: = ₦36,000
  8. Level 8: = ₦72,000
  9. Level 9 = ₦144,000
  10. Level 10 = ₦345,600

Total: ₦633,700

After you finish the Level 10, you start afresh from level 1 again.

This program was designed to help you Make Money Online, Real Fast and Simple. Even if you are not good at sponsoring others, you will be able to earn with NGpublish.

Here is why our affiliate program is best for everybody.

  • Everyone joining NGpublish must earn affiliate commission.
  • Even if you can’t refer people, you will still earn affiliate .commission (Referral not compulsory).
  • Full spillover and spill-under.
  • Everyone must upgrade through someone. (no direct upgrading without using someones link or username).
  • Fastest Payout of affiliate commission (Daily).
  • Lowest withdrawal Limit (₦1000).

Monthly Revenue Sharing: Here you earn base on the activities you carry out on the site on a daily basis and we reward you with points which are converted to money at 10 points to ₦1. The activities are listed below.

Activity earning

  1. Registration Bonus: 1000 points (Onetime)
  2. Daily Login : 100 points (Daily)
  3. Create forum Topic: 100 points (1 Topic daily)
  4. Reply to forum Topics: 15 points (limit 20 topics daily)
  5. Sharing of Posts: 20 points (5 post daily)
  6. Viewing of Post: 10 points ( you will be credited for 100 views perday only)
  7. React to a post: 5 points ( you will be credited for reacting to 40 post daily).
  8. Sponsored post: 200 points.

Total: 2000 points daily.

Point Conversion

Conversion Rate:  10 points = ₦1  points.

50,000 points = ₦5000

The minimum withdrawal is $10 which is just 3000.

Their conversation is $1 to 300.

NGpublish Registration, How to Register successfully on NGpublish.

Note that registration fee is $5 (₦1500).

But before i continue with the registration process, you have to know that NGpublish media uses 2 membership type as explained and listed below.

  • Free Membership: Free + 1000 free points (Note, you wont be paid on this plan)
  • Regular Membership Nigeria: ₦1500 + 10,000 free points

All affiliate earnings are paid in full, no deductions.

Minimum Points To Withdraw

The minimum points to withdraw to your account is 50,000 points which is ₦5000.

When to Withdraw Points

Points withdrawal starts from 25th and ends on 28th of each month.You can’t withdraw points on the 29th.

Minimum Withdrawal

Our minimum withdrawal for points earnings is (₦5000)

while minimum withdrawal for affiliate earnings is (₦1000)

You can withdraw through bank and PayPal.

How to Withdraw

Affiliate earnings can be withdrawn on a daily basis

After withdrawing your points from 25th to 28th, you will be credited as from 29th 5th. (7days)

How to Register and Upgrade On NGpublish?

Remember i told you i will be giving you my 3 bonues if you register using my link, so follow the instructions below so you don’t miss this great offer.

Step1: Click here and go to NGpublish website That is my referral link.

Step2: Fill in your details and register a free account.

Step3: Fund your wallet with N1500, If you can’t fund your wallet, click HERE Chat me up on whatsapp on 08168250485 for your payment and wallet funding.

Step 4: Click on upgrade in your dashboard and proceed with the upgrade. You can contact me on whatsapp to assist you with the upgrade. if you see a space for Referrer when upgrading, use joetee as referrer.

Step 5: After upgrading sucessfully, and your account approved, Send me your order ID and username via whatsapp for verification. after which i will send you all your bonus back via whatsapp or via email.

Is NGpublish Legit or Scam, Is this website trusted?

To me i will say NGpublish is Legit, all you need to do i just understand the system and how it works and take full advantage on it.

And most inportantly, you have to get in early as its trending. Getting in early will make you a lot of money.

My dashboard as of when writing this post


With this i strongly believe you will be making a lot of money on NGpublish if you join this early and take full advantage, you could me making over 10k daily.

Hope you remember my bonuses to you if you use my link to register.

Here is the link again click here to register.

After a successful registration and upgrade, you can contact me on whatsapp on 08168250485 for your bonus offer. I also sell e-pin for upgrade, you can also contact me for your e-pins.

Thats it on NGpublish, i highly recommend you partake on this program as e the hot lol.

use the comment box below for questions. Thanks for reading.

Click here to Register


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