We sell Hope, Instill Morals On Fellow Youths, Says Hon. Major

By kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

An advocacy group, “Not Too Young To Lead” with its headquarters in Delta State capital stated the group sells hope and instills good morals on youth with out essentially having affiliation with them.

The group which concern is to boost youths with content material, management sagacity and unquestionable character stated when a youth is engaged or meaningfully empowered, such a youth turns into a veritable software for constructive change.

Talking on this unique interview Tuesday in Asaba, chief of the advocacy group, Elvis Akpobi, popularly generally known as Hon. Main, stated “There is nothing more powerful as an inspired and motivated youth. Likewise there is no force that is more dangerous than a youth who is hopeless and helpless”, stressing that the group teaches and impacts good morals on different youths.

Based on him, the hopeless and helpless youth is “a ticking time bomb”, calling on the wealthy to provide consolation to their neighbors, “I maintain telling pneceddaeople that you simply declare to be comfy along with your kids, have you ever considered the surroundings the place your kids will keep if persons are not comfy.

“What mainly we’re doing is attempting to promote hope. If Elvis of that day that isn’t from a wealthy residence can get to this stage with out doing something detrimental, it means anyone can. Apart pushing for teens to be given privilege to harness their management potentials, everyone mustn’t make it by politics.

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“The late CEO of God is Good Motors he taught the son and today the son is managing, he has even rebranded the place. That is a young leader because we have workers under him. We have young CEOs everywhere that are doing very well. There are young people that are doing very well in the private sector. They are leaders. So, what we are basically pushing is for youths to believe in themselves, stay independent and be useful to the society they find themselves”.

He disclosed that the group by decreasing ethical decadence which have eaten so deep Into the society.

Hear him: “Now we have achieved plenty of outcomes. Firstly, I exploit myself because the convener. I’m a thermometer for measurement for different youths. I preach morals. I can’t head Not Too Younger To Lead and somebody sees me doing cultism. We’ve completed plenty of lecturing on anti-cultism and human trafficking. We’ve skilled individuals in tiling throughout the three senatorial districts of the state.

Talking additional, Akpobi hinted: “We’re coaching three youths from Thursday to Saturday on photo voltaic panel. It’s solely three individuals we afford for now. The coaching is pricey, so we’re selecting one individual every from the three senatorial zones with out sentiments. Prior to now, we now have skilled about 15 individuals on IT. These guys are doing very nicely. We must always not simply be complaining concerning the leaders, you need to play your personal position in constructing the nation. You discover out that authorities will construct a positive place however the residents can’t preserve it. We complain our leaders are unhealthy however we overlook that it’s strange residents that later grow to be leaders. If you’re not citizen, you can’t be chief”.

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Aked if their present engagement isn’t a approach removed from the the imaginative and prescient establishing the group, he stated: “No, not a diversion. Our clamour is for younger individuals to be in governance mainly, however you possibly can’t politicize every part. There are nonetheless individuals you’re doing nicely and position fashions within the personal sector. If it’s only in governance, everyone is relying solely on politics. There’s Not Too Younger To Run which we work with up in Abuja, we relate. He tells us how he does his personal.

“Leadership is a 360 something, as a leader, you have to be example to your followers. We have been able to get young local government area chairmen, we are not just clamouring for young people, we are coming for young people with brilliant ideas, with content. We are going for young people that will give leadership an enviable height”, the visionary chief of the group added.

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Updated: June 8, 2019 — 12:33 am