Why Fear is Driving Humanity to Extinction

I’ve beforehand written many articles describing a number of facets of the dysfunctional nature of the everyday human thoughts, along with a proof of how this took place and what we will do about it. See, for instance, most of the articles republished in ‘Key Articles’ and the supply paperwork ‘ Why Violence?’ and ‘ Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Principles and Practice ’ .

I’ve additionally defined that it’s this dysfunctional psychological basis that generated the behaviors, in addition to the political, financial, authorized and social establishments (equivalent to capitalism), which might be driving the multifaceted and existential disaster wherein humanity now finds itself.

Furthermore, on that foundation, my very own focus has considerably developed from the analysis and nonviolent activism that occupied me for a number of many years to now embrace an ongoing effort to have this psychological dysfunctionality addressed as a central function of our efforts to know and remodel dysfunctional political, financial, authorized and social establishments in addition to to know and finish warfare (together with the specter of nuclear warfare), the environmental disaster (together with the local weather disaster) and all different ongoing conflicts that bedevil humanity.

You might imagine that psychology is unimportant to your understanding of battle or that it’s the realm of specialists however, the truth is, it’s essential to any deeper and full understanding of the origin and unfolding of our disaster and it’s removed from difficult just because any psychological dysfunctionality could be defined in simple language which is quickly understood by most individuals. For a pattern, attempt ‘The Disintegrated Mind: The Greatest Threat to Human Survival on Earth’ .

However as a result of solely the rarest psychologist and psychiatrist understands human psychology – as I’ve defined in ‘Defeating the Violence of Psychiatry’ – a lot of the literature on psychology and psychiatry is nearly incomprehensible, to not point out inaccurate. This lack of know-how has 4 fast and disastrous outcomes.

First, it results in teams of psychological signs being linked collectively after which given an arbitrary label (in order that the fields of psychology/psychiatry can sound as in the event that they know what they’re speaking about whereas excluding those that don’t comprehend their jargon).

Second, it gives cowl for the pharmaceutical trade to revenue massively from the manufacture and sale of medicine that theoretically suppress key signs of, moderately than remedy, the psychological dysfunction that has been ‘diagnosed’.

Third, it precludes correct prognosis and remedy of any dysfunction: clearly, if an issue just isn’t understood it can’t be responded to powerfully in order that the problem is resolved. (In fact, it’s extra worthwhile for practitioners and the pharmaceutical trade if any dysfunction just isn’t resolved however merely requires ongoing – that’s, limitless – ‘therapy’/medication.)

Fourth and most basically of all, it limits the area of what’s thought of psychological dysfunctionality to these with ‘identifiable’ psychological sicknesses. However psychological dysfunctionality goes nicely past these thought of to have a psychological sickness and is just an final result of the truth that psychological well being, like bodily well being, has many dimensions that require acceptable consideration for the human organism to operate optimally.

So, past the numerous examples I’ve provided beforehand within the articles I cited above (and others not cited but in addition accessible on the ‘Feelings First’ web site), I’d now like to explain additional frequent examples of psychological dysfunctionality which might be impeding each activists and people they’re attempting to mobilize within the effort to save lots of Earth’s biosphere and avert human extinction, significantly given the timeframe wherein this should now occur. See ‘Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival’ .

On account of the ‘socialization’ (extra precisely labeled ‘terrorization’) to which all youngsters are subjected all through their childhood and adolescence (which entails inflicting endless ‘visible’, ‘invisible’ and ‘utterly invisible’ violence on them throughout these intervals) – see ‘ Why Violence?’ – the everyday younger human being obediently (or, usually sufficient, unconsciously) acquires the set of attitudes, beliefs and values (in addition to the resultant behaviors) which might be accredited by the numerous adults (and predominant establishments) of their life. These attitudes, beliefs and values, nevertheless, are sometimes so deeply entrenched by the (unconscious) worry that holds them in place that they’re by no means subjected to critical scrutiny by the person: whether or not practical or in any other case, they’re accepted with out query and, over time, purchase the standing of ‘incontrovertible fact’ (as the person perceives them).

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The obvious (and extremely adverse) consequence of being terrorized into accepting the attitudes, beliefs and values of the numerous adults (and predominant establishments) round them is that the capacities to research an issue or battle (usually together with its roots within the nature of their society), to hunt out related (and maybe complicated) proof to know the problems arising from it, to plan a technique in order that underlying drivers of the issue or battle are addressed in depth and to then behave strategically (usually in live performance with others) to realize this final result are merely by no means developed past probably the most superficial ranges (adequate, say, for a socially accredited profession, whether or not commerce or skilled).

Because of this, the everyday human being is just going via the routine of ‘growing up’ (which additionally critically entails being additional terrorized into turning into a submissive citizen and employee/soldier at college for a decade or extra: see ‘Do We Want School or Education?’ ), selecting post-secondary schooling and/or an accredited job doing what another person tells you, after which doing that job (or an equal) for many years (normally having a associate and kids within the course of and maybe some passion as nicely).

Essentially, people are terrorized into taking up the ‘socially-constructed delusional identity’ that their society imposes on them after which calling it ‘me’. Their private life journey is now so completely obliterated from their consciousness that the concept of in search of out their very own distinctive future by no means even happens to them. In fact, some individuals (in industrialized societies at the very least) are compensated for his or her sacrifice: wages, leisure, journey and different trinkets. However, for many, these trinkets are given in sparing portions and for a lot of others world wide (in intentionally ‘underdeveloped’ nations), by no means.

Terrorized into believing that that is all that life has to supply, solely the rarest particular person aspires to extra. Limitless consumption of products and companies (irrespective of the standard, magnificence or performance) – see ‘Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War’ – on the expense of the Earth, turns into the rationale for dwelling. As a result of life itself now not has which means.

So right here we’re, a human inhabitants that’s so devoid of self and planetary consciousness that we’re on the point of precipitating our personal extinction. Do you actually imagine that that is the place we might be if we have been all psychologically practical? Manipulated and managed by an unaccountable world elite that’s completely insane – see ‘The Global Elite is Insane Revisited’ – utilizing its many brokers, together with governments, to simply deceive us into consuming ever extra in pursuit of capitalism’s ‘God’ – limitless financial progress (that’s, company revenue, energy and privilege) – the majority of the human inhabitants submissively unaware (besides of the newest scandal or sports activities consequence) and most activists (who purport to be attempting to do one thing concerning the perilous state of the world) incapable of pondering, planning and performing strategically to battle for outcomes which might be so desperately wanted. See, for instance, ‘Why Activists Fail’ .

So what can we do?
Properly, on condition that the big psychological dysfunctionality of most people is the first driver of our accelerating rush to extinction – once more, see ‘Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival’ – I encourage you to significantly think about incorporating methods to handle this dysfunctionality into any effort you make to enhance our world.

For most individuals, this may embrace beginning with your self. See ‘Putting Feelings First’ .

For nearly all adults, it’s going to embrace reviewing your relationship with youngsters and, ideally, making ‘My Promise to Children’ . Critically, this may embrace studying the ability of nisteling. See ‘Nisteling: The Art of Deep Listening’ .

For many who really feel psychologically succesful, think about campaigning strategically to realize the outcomes we’d like. See Nonviolent Marketing campaign Technique or Nonviolent Protection/Liberation Technique . The worldwide elite is deeply entrenched – preventing its wars, exploiting individuals, destroying the biosphere, invading/occupying resource-rich nations – and never about to present means and not using a concerted effort by many people campaigning strategically on a number of key fronts.

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In the event you acknowledge the pervasiveness of the fear-driven violence in our world, think about becoming a member of the worldwide community of individuals resisting it by signing the web pledge of ‘ The People ’ s Constitution to Create a Nonviolent World ’ .

However if you happen to do nothing else whereas understanding the easy level that Earth’s biosphere can’t maintain a human inhabitants of this magnitude of whom greater than half endlessly over-consume, then think about accelerated participation within the technique outlined in ‘ The Flame Tree Project to Save Life on Earth ’ .

Or, if this feels too difficult, think about committing to:

The Earth Pledge
Out of affection for the Earth and all of its creatures, and my respect for his or her wants, from this present day onwards I pledge that:

1. I’ll hear deeply to youngsters (see clarification above)

2. I cannot journey by airplane
3. I cannot journey by automobile
4. I cannot eat meat and fish
5. I’ll solely eat organically/biodynamically grown meals

6. I’ll reduce the quantity of recent water I exploit, together with by minimizing my possession and use of digital gadgets

7. I cannot purchase rainforest timber
8. I cannot purchase or use single-use plastic, equivalent to luggage, bottles, containers, cups and straws

9. I cannot use banks, superannuation (pension) funds or insurance coverage firms that present any service to companies concerned in fossil fuels, nuclear energy and/or weapons

10. I cannot settle for employment from, or put money into, any group that helps or participates within the exploitation of fellow human beings or income from killing and/or destruction of the biosphere

11. I cannot get information from the company media (mainstream newspapers, tv, radio, Google, Fb, Twitter…)

12. I’ll take the time to study a ability, equivalent to meals gardening or stitching, that makes me extra self-reliant

13. I’ll gently encourage my household and mates to contemplate signing this pledge.

There’s a nice deal unsuitable with our world, which continues to worsen daily. And, as must be apparent from my argument above, if we as a species don’t begin to take away the (largely unconscious) worry that limits our minds and governs our habits, we’ll proceed contributing to this predicament moderately than resolving it.

I’m nicely conscious that this level just isn’t the place the everyday particular person needs to start out and that’s assuming the purpose is even understood. In any case, as a result of most worry is unconscious, it’s straightforward for individuals to fail to establish their very own dysfunctional habits (or to rationalize it by believing within the ‘importance’ of what they do). So whilst you might prefer to imagine that we shouldn’t have to ‘start’ with this level, collectively talking, we can’t ignore it both, if human survival is our intention.

The important thing concern is that for our technique to mobilize individuals on this nice battle for survival to be efficient, we should even be mobilizing dad and mom, lecturers, non secular leaders and different adults to rethink and profoundly revise their relationship with youngsters. It’s because each little one who just isn’t dysfunctionalized turns into a robust agent for change. If we don’t do that, we’ll proceed to undermine the general battle, even when we precipitate some interim victories alongside the way in which.

My very own preoccupation is ending violence, averting human extinction and constructing anew and sustainably {our relationships} with the Earth and one another. What about you?

Biodata: Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetime dedication to understanding and ending human violence. He has performed intensive analysis since 1966 in an effort to know why human beings are violent and has been a nonviolent activist since 1981. He’s the writer of ‘ Why Violence? ’ His e-mail handle is [email protected] and his web site is right here .

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